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On the trail of Bigfoot: experts gather for major conference in Montana

Crypto-zoologists, wildlife scientists and naturalists are gathering in Hamilton, Montana USA this weekend on the trail of Bigfoot – one of the world’s most well-known folklore figures.

The famed big foot footage of the slow-walking figure.
The famed big foot footage of the slow-walking figure.

According to Kpax.com, the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference is an opportunity to bring sceptics and believers together. The guest of honour is best known for his part in one of the globe’s most famous pieces of Sasquatch evidence. Bob Gimlin shot the famed Patterson-Gimlin film with his friend Roger Patterson. Roger and himself were able to acquire a clip of film of a real-life Sasquatch. It made him think that: ‘Yes, they do exist!’   He said he’d been there for approximately three weeks searching for the tracks.

Cryto-zoologists gather in Montana for Bigfoot conference.
Cryto-zoologists are gathering in Montana for Bigfoot conference this weekend. Image by Getty Images

The film is renowned across the globe and begins with an out of focus view of a copse of trees. Out of the branches appears a slow-walking figure swinging its arms back and forth, even turning its head in the direction of the camera briefly.

Glacier National Park Montana
Glacier National Park, Montana.   Image by Getty

For many devoted Bigfoot hunters and crypto-zoologists, this piece of evidence is the basis of their Sasquatch beliefs. However, it does not satisfy everyone as a proven factual account. Although those attending the conference are convinced in their belief in Bigfoot, there are sceptics who consider the film to be a fake.  Kxlh.com says the conference, at the Bitterroot River Inn on Highway 93, will feature first-hand accounts, including one family from Erie Pennsylvania.  One attendee, Nicole Law, described it as “so cool” to imagine that a North American primate is walking around in the woods in Montana.  “An ape-man walking around in Montana,” she declared. “How cool is that?”