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Watch a miniature food artist create adorable airline meals at 1/17th of their original size

Airplane food generally doesn’t win much praise, but one miniature food artist has raised it to an art form with tiny and adorable recreations of in-flight meals.


Yukiko Hasada, a miniature food artist, recreated meals from Singapore Airlines at 1/17th of their original size. She carved up the tiny ingredients to recreate some of the airline’s signature meals in a video, taking more than 1000 minutes to make six dishes with more than 100 ingredients.

Miniature airline food.
Miniature airline food. Image by Singapore Airlines YouTube

Hasada noted in a behind-the-scenes video that it was her first time making dishes from around the world in miniature, and it was challenging to use recipes that are not common in her home of Japan. But, she was able to beautifully recreate dishes like urchin-glazed cod fish, coorgi chicken curry, fillet of beef, the airline’s signature satay, braised shoulder of pork and seared chicken supreme, all of which are on Singapore Airlines’ menu.