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This New York café is serving all you can drink coffee for just $6 an hour

Time is money; at least for the first few hours in this New York suburb. That’s the attitude of a new café in New York City challenging the increasingly expensive rates for a cup of coffee in the city. The Glasshour in Brooklyn is making waves in an area that is renowned for its $12 cup of Joe.

The café serves up a new concept that was brewed in Russia and has proven popular across Europe… charging by the hour for an unlimited amount of coffee and snacks for the customer.  

The Brooklyn cafe
The concept of charging by the hour is popular in European cities.  Image by Getty Images

The price is $6 for the initial hour during which those visiting Williamsburg’s Glasshour are free to take their pick of coffee as well as snacks such as granola bars. From then on it is 10 cents a minute up to $24, which is the cap, and then everything is free to pick.

Close up of image of cups of coffee, glasses of water, a bowl of sugar cubes and a smartphone on a table in a cafe.
Can you handle unlimited caffeine for an hour? Image by Alys Tomlinson/Getty Images

Max Grigoryev, a modern-day patron who ‘funds trader-oriented dot-com startups,’ has set-up the establishment along with three of his friends. He told the New York Post: “It’s about communication over consumption.”

He explained that customers were there all day in a comfortable working environment with access to broadband. He added: “People also come to sit and play games for hours.”

The innovative idea could be ideal for those who are self-employed or freelancing, particularly in a climate where a laptop and an Internet connection are a must.  The space, situated at 63 Skillman Ave., spans across 1,000 square feet space and can seat 20 people at a time.  What’s more, it can be rented out for social occasions and events.

All you can eat just got a makeover.