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Putting the buff in buffet at Spanish island’s first nudist restaurant

You’ve heard of the naked chef but now it’s the naked diner who on the continental menu?  Spain is about to sport its first naturist restaurant albeit on the Canary island of Tenerife. Tony de Leonardis, an Italian-born restaurateur, is unveiling his latest venture; a nudist restaurant named ‘Innato’ in  Tenerife.

Innato will serve food on naked skin  Image by Getty Images

He is offering his diners the opportunity to abandon all trappings of  modern life, such as their clothes and mobile phones and embrace a “get back to basics” attitude.  De Leonardis informed La Opinion de Tenerife that the cost of €70 will include a selection of organic dishes, all “served on the naked skin,”  according to The Local newspaper.  Waiting staff will serve the food and act as serving tables too, sporting only loincloths and vine leaves as a cover-up.  Worried about where to store your wallet? They’ve come up with a solution for that too, “We will charge diners at the door before they undress,” he said so that the financial purse can stay safe with customers’ clothes.

Playa del Ingles, Canary Islands.
Playa del Ingles, near Tenerife  Canary Islands. Image by Marco Verch / CC BY 2.0

The bare-all restaurant will open in the town of San Isidro on 20 January next year.  It can accommodate 44 sitting-down diners and has tables in private fruit tree gardens illuminated exclusively by candlelight. The idea for the venture follows on the success of the Bunyadi, London’s first nudist restaurant. It opened for three months during the summer and could boast 46,000 names on the waiting list for a table. The restaurant’s owner, Seb Lyall, has confirmed that he has plans for a permanent location in London.