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This bear has been declared the fattest in an Alaskan national park

A portly bear in Alaska has been given the distinct honour of being named the fattest in Katmai National Park and Preserve.

The bear, named Otis, won the most votes in a social media contest to select the fattest animal, earning him the title as the plumpest bear caught on the park’s cameras.

The light-hearted #FatBearTuesday competition was run on the park’s Facebook and Twitter account, allowing the public to choose who they thought had done the best job packing on the pounds. As bears need to bulk up a lot to survive the harsh Alaskan winter, Otis has been lauded for his lard, as it greatly increases his chances of getting through the cold, cold winter.


According to the park’s Facebook page, Otis works on his figure by staying away from more dominant bears and hanging out in a pool where he can fish in one spot and preserve his energy for the winter. The bear, who is estimated to be around 20 years old, will be well-served by his extra padding.

“Otis may not be the most dominant or lively bear around, but he is the fattest. Cheers to you, Otis”, the post says. This is the second time Otis has been named the park’s fattest ursine resident.

Katmai National Park, located on the Alaskan Peninsula, is an active volcanic landscape and an important habitat for bears and salmon. It is one of the premiere brown bear viewing areas in the world, with an estimated 2200 brown bears in the park, according to the National Park Service.

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