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Shanghai gets super-cute Hello Kitty-themed hotpot restaurant

A newly-opened restaurant in Shanghai has become mainland China’s first Hello Kitty-themed hotpot bistro. Hotpot is a style of cuisine where diners cook a variety of ingredients in a bubbling pot of broth at their table.

Shanghai is home to this Hello Kitty restaurant.
Shanghai is home to this new restaurant. Image by Hello Kitty Fans on Facebook

Hello Kitty ‘Fresh Pot’ opened on Shanghai’s Sinan Rd in the French Concession on 8 October. The restaurant serves hotpot in six broth flavours: pork bone, spicy Sichuan, Japanese-style kelp, tomato and Thai hot and sour.

Little touches of Hello Kitty are everywhere.
Little touches of Kitty are everywhere. Image by Imagine China

The restaurant’s decor is full-on Kitty: the cartoon kitten adorns posters on the walls, chairs are shaped like her signature red bow tie and her kimono-clad cutout greets guests at the door.

The Hello Kitty hot-pot restaurant in Shanghai.
The hot-pot restaurant in Shanghai. Image by Imagine China

A number of the ingredients come in Hello Kitty themes, such as cat-shaped pieces of dried tofu and wontons stamped with her image. There is also an extensive drinks list that includes juices, sodas and Hello Kitty beer. The restaurant is authorised by Sanrio, Hello Kitty’s parent company, to sell official merchandise in a gift store. Prices are ¥150 per person plus small/large platters of vegetables for ¥58/88.