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See the monster lobster caught by accident on fishing trip in Bermuda

A couple of fishermen in Bermuda got a shock at the weekend, when instead of hooking a fish, they managed to snag a monster lobster weighing a staggering 14 pounds, in the slipstream of Hurricane Nicole.

Enthusiasts have shared the pics on Facebook 32,000 times.

According to q13fox.com, the lobster was caught “by accident” using a hook and line as the Sanctuary Marine Bermuda charter boat was fishing for snapper. Bermuda Tourism posted on their Facebook page: “it’s no secret to dive enthusiasts that each storm unearths surprises under the sea; we’ve found our first from (Hurricane) Nicole. Don’t worry, our new friend is safely back in the ocean thanks to Captain Matthew and Arthur Jones from the Sanctuary Marine in Bermuda this weekend.” Fisherman Tristan Loescher and his crew returned the giant crustacean safely back into the ocean, but not before taking a few souvenir photographs. They posted these photos on the Sanctuary Marine Bermuda’s Facebook page where they were shared over 6000 times in less than two days.


Although the lobster was a pretty hefty catch, it is far from record-breaking; the heaviest caught, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, weighed a jaw-dropping 44 pounds and was caught off of Nova Scotia, Canada. The University of Maine’s Lobster Institute explained that the average lobster normally reaches up to three feet or more in length. While determining a lobster’s longevity is still not an exact science, experts believe that they can reach up to 100 years of age.  In the hurricane frenzy, water levels were churned up to between six and eight feet above normal tides, and as a result of the storm surge, heavy rain fell in the island and surrounding area.