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Loosen those purse-strings, Paris wants to extend Sunday shopping in tourist areas

Better warn the bank manager: Paris is looking to extend the number of Sundays that shops are allowed to trade. Currently shopkeepers in the city’s 12 “international tourist zones” can open for seven Sundays each year, but Mayor Anne Hidalgo is keen to increase that figure to 12.

People shopping in Montmartre, Paris.
People shopping in Montmartre, Paris. Image by James D. Morgan/Getty Images

The French capital only brought in new Sunday trading laws last autumn, but curtailed their use to sections of the city where tourists are most likely to visit. Those “international tourist zones” (known locally as ZTIs) included Montmartre, Champs Elysées-Montaigne, Les Halles and Saint-Germain. Other sections of Paris where the extended Sunday shopping hours are permitted include Le Marais (though not Place de la Republique), Rennes-Saint-Sulpice, Saint-Emilion-Bibliotheque and Olympiades-Italie. Stores in Boulevard Haussmann, Saint-Honoré-Vendôme, Maillot-Ternes, and Beaugrenelle can trade for longer too.

Galeries Lafayette is on Boulevard Haussman in the tourist zone.
Galeries Lafayette is on Boulevard Haussmann in the tourist zone. Image by Ritter/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Although not everyone in the city is in favour of the extended opening hours, Hidalgo argued the changes were because Paris’ shops, restaurants and hotels had suffered following a spate of terror attacks in the city. With brands like Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent on its doorstep, Paris is famed for its shopping. So whether you’re on the hunt for souvenirs, flicking through the rails of the January sales or just getting your head around the best areas for shopping in the city, the French capital usually has your retail urges covered. After Paris reformed the laws on Sunday trading, Cannes, Nice and Deauville all brought in similar changes too.