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Travellers reveal which European airport terminals provide them with the best overall experience

Travelling through airports can be a stressful experience, but there are some places that make getting to your destination much more enjoyable. The European airports that provide travellers with the best overall experience were selected in a new survey from the website Sleeping in Airports.

München Airport Center at dusk.
Münich airport at dusk. Image by Flughafen München GmbH

Sleeping in Airports is a website that promotes a community of travellers who sleep in airports, which is “no longer just for the cheap young backpacker”. The survey asked travellers to rate European airports based on comfort, services, food options, immigration and security, customer service and cleanliness. The airports selected are said to be both efficient and enjoyable, with nice amenities like libraries and lounges.

The lounge at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
The lounge at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Image by Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The survey respondents chose Munich Airport in Germany as the top spot for the second year in the row, noting that it is a clean and efficient airport, with benefits like free morning coffee and Wi-Fi. It even has some very unique offerings, like a brewery, mini-golf and a Christmas market.

The Tallinn airport.
Tallinn airport. Image by Tallinn Airport Facebook

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Finland came second, singled out for lovely architecture and staff, as well as unique sleeping pods. Next is the very small, but well-liked, Tallinn Airport. The cosy airport features comfortable chairs, free sleep pods and a library.

 Restaurant Walter at Zurich Airport.
Restaurant Walter at Zurich Airport. Image by Zurich Airport Facebook

Zurich Airport was put in fourth place by travellers, citing its efficiency and excellent signage – only losing some points for the high prices. Fifth place is taken by Porto Airport, which like Tallinn’s, comes in a small package, but has amenities like free showers, Wi-Fi and great places to sit. Rounding out the top ten are: Copenhagen Kastrup; Vienna International Airport; Athens Eleftherios Venizelos; Amsterdam Schiphol; and Dublin International Airport.