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You can now get married at Disney’s Magic Kingdom after hours

A few months ago, Walt Disney World resort in Florida delighted die-hard fans by announcing that the Magic Kingdom was available to rent for weddings during the daytime. And now a brand new package has been unveiled that will allow people to get married underneath the stars by renting the park after it has closed to the general public.

Magic Kingdom Weddings
Fireworks seen at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World resort, Florida. Image by Don Sullivan / CC BY 2.0
magic kingdom wedding
The weddings are fully customisable, with additions like horse -drawn carriages available. Image by Disney Weddings

Couples will now get the opportunity to say, “I do,” at night-time in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle within the Magic Kingdom, with a customisable wedding and reception available. The venue can be rented as part of the Wishes Collection, which allows people to choose a variety of different locations in the park and can accommodate up to 300 guests.

The packages start at $12,000 with a minimum of 18 guests required.
The packages start at $12,000 with a minimum of 18 guests required. Image by Rene Hwang


The basic package starts at $12,000 with a minimum of 18 guests, while a series of add-ons are available that raise the price significantly. Some of the options include the addition of fireworks, horse-drawn carriages, photography and videography packages, a choice of different meal types and the inclusion of colourful Disney characters.