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See this incredible artwork and beautiful scenery at a rural Montana arts centre

If you’re travelling through Montana and you notice some incredible structures on the landscape, you may have passed the Tippet Rise Art Center.

Inverted Portal.
Inverted Portal. Image by Tippet Rise
Beartooth Portal.
Beartooth Portal. Image by Tippet Rise

The new centre – which opened in June – combines sculptures and buildings “that hug the land like natural formations”, on a 10,260-acre working sheep and cattle ranch. But don’t let the rural setting confuse you, Tippet Rise is dedicated to art, architecture, music, and more in the beautiful setting of Fishtail, Montana, which is located between Billings and Yellowstone National Park.

Domo. Image by Tippet Rise
Domo. Image by Tippet Rise

In addition to a permanent collection of sculptures, there are also two pieces by Alexander Calder, which are on loan from the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.

Daydreams. Image by Tippet Rise

The site features multiple performance spaces, called the Olivier Music Barn and Tiara. The indoor and outdoor spaces are there for musical performances, with the barn providing an intimate setting with only 150 seats.

Olivier Barn (foreground) and Two Discs (background).
Olivier Barn (foreground) and Two Discs (background). Image by Tippet Rise
Domo. Image by Tippet Rise

There is also a focus on the Montana scenery where the centre is located: the site has also seen the creation of more than 3.5 miles of walking trails, and preservation and restoration of the local habitat.

Tiara. Image by Tippet Rise

Tippet Rise held it’s last tour for the year on 25 September, but there is still a series of off-season events during the winter months to come.