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A 31-pound cat at a New Hampshire inn amazes visitors and viewers after video goes viral

Historically, visitors have come to Waterville Valley for the skiing, hiking, and vibrant fall foliage, but now they can now add another reason to head for the quaint New Hampshire town. The Best Western Silver Fox Inn is home to a 31-pound cat named Logan, who has recently garnered internet fame after a video posted by a guest went viral.


The clip shows Logan sauntering around the hotel grounds, and then approaching the guest, seemingly wishing to be petted.

Susan and Tor Brunvand own the inn, and adopted the 8-year-old cat from a shelter six years ago. “He acts like he owns the place,” Tor Brunvand told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “All the little old ladies, and most of our visitors, in fact, love him. When they first arrive, they ask for Logan.”

cat video
Logan, who became famous in a cat video, has people interested in a New Hampshire inn. Image by Susan and Tor Brunvand

While the overwhelming response to the video has been positive, there have been some commenters voicing concern over the cat’s weight. But, according to the Associated Press, the Brunvands have had Logan examined by a veterinarian, who found a blood test to be normal. They’ve tried diets, but just believe he has a slow metabolism.

For his part, Logan is a happy cat who spends his days roaming the grounds of the Inn with the Brunvands’ other two cats. “He is pampered, he lives here in this beautiful place in a hotel, and he has the run of the place,” Susan Brunvand told the Union Leader. “He just can’t lose weight, we’ve tried. Some of us people are like that, too.”