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Swedish MP moves to institute National Kebab Pizza Day

Meatballs, cinnamon buns and pickled herring are all foods that might spring to mind when thinking about Swedish cuisine. But there’s a delicacy which has taken the country by storm in recent years, and one MP is proposing a motion in parliament to have a national day dedicated to it. The subject of this motion of national importance? The humble kebab pizza.

Kebab Pizza
Will Sweden get a national Kebab Pizza Day? Image by Getty Images

Liberal MP Robert Hannah, whose family owns a pizzeria, believes that the food is so popular in the country that it deserves the same recognition as the cinnamon bun – Kanelbullens Dag is celebrated each year on 4 October. Hannah is proposing that New Year’s Day should be dedicated to the pizza since Swedes order it on this day more than any other throughout the year.

Kanelbullen Dag
Kanelbullens Dag is celebrated in Sweden every 4 October. Image by Barry Caruth / CC BY-SA 2.0

Neither Italian nor Turkish, the late-night culinary favourite appears to have become popular with Swedes in the Nineties. Kebab pizza’s popularity has since grown so much that it has been crowned it the country’s favourite pizza several years running, a fact which Hannah highlights.

The motion to parliament states, ‘The kebab pizza is the shining star among all pizzas. According to Online Pizza, which releases statistics on the most ordered pizzas in the country, the kebab pizza is by far the most ordered pizza in Swedish pizzerias.’

While at first glance the proposed bill could seem frivolous, the MP’s idea is underpinned by a serious message; with the subject of immigration featuring heavily in the country’s political conversations, Hannah argues that kebab pizza is a great way to celebrate the positive impact that immigration has had on the country’s culture.

The first pizzeria opened in Sweden in 1947, and by the 1960s, it had become Sweden’s most popular fast food. The kebab, on the other hand, arrived in the country in the Eighties.