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Watch this video to see how to fly with a baby in tow according to Air New Zealand

Children and aeroplanes have always been a challenge for everyone, from kids unable to sleep, to non-parents throwing shade while a toddler screams through a plane’s descent through the air.

Babies can be hard to occupy on a long journey.
Babies can be hard to occupy on a long journey. Image by Janus Bahs Jacquet

Some parents have taken to offering gifts, apologies and even earplugs for their near neighbours on planes, while others say everyone should just chill out and accept that there are all sorts of air passengers out there, under-threes included. Recently there have been some passengers crying out for child-free zones on planes – or child-free flights even.

Air New Zealand has taken a different approach and teamed up with ‘How to Dad Tips’ to take a tongue-in-cheek video of the various travel styles in How to Fly with a Baby. Travelling parents can probably spot themselves in the ‘early dad’ or ‘not so early dad’, and other passengers have no doubt been exposed to the eight-hour shush dad on a flight this year.  Check out the video here.