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If you were caught short, would you dare try China's latest attraction, a glass toilet?

After instigating a trend in impressive glass structures, China has taken the idea to a new level with a glass toilet.

The glass toilet doesn't offer much in the way of privacy yet.
The glass toilet doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy yet. Image by STR/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s a public one, so anybody can go and take in the view while answering nature’s call. It’s part of Shiyan Hu Ecologic Park in the Húnán province and consists of a toilet block where the walls, roof and floor are made entirely out of glass. The result is a disconcerting effect where the user is suspended above, and surrounded by, the trees of the park.  The unusual attraction opened to the public on 1 October to mark the start of the National Holiday and was met with mixed reaction. Initially the staff had promised the inward doors of the glass toilet would be a two-way mirror so that other people waiting would not be able to see inside. However, the unveiling revealed the toilet doors were made of frosted glass which is not so great for privacy.

The glass-walled public toilet is under the blue roof in the park.
The glass-walled public toilet is under the blue roof in the park. Image by STR/AFP/Getty Images

Yang Lang, an employee at the park, told the South China Morning Post, “we wanted to make it something unique … exciting and adventurous”. No less than three glass walkways have opened up in China in the last few months, including two in Húnán; one in Zhangjiajie Park and another in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park. To put the public’s fears to rest, there have been numerous publicity stunts to try and demonstrate how safe the structures are; a journalist was invited to hit one of the walkways with a sledgehammer and a restaurant has now been set up on the same walkway.