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Fresh food from markets in Madrid now available on Amazon

Madrid has hosted a meeting between a market place of the very oldest tradition and one of the newest e-commerce types. Last week for the first time, a customer used an Amazon account to order market fresh fish from the city’s La Paz market, in the Salamanca neighbourhood.

An order for fresh fish was placed on an Amazon site in Madrid.
An order for fresh fish was placed on an Amazon site in Madrid. Image by Getty Image

The Spanish national newspaper, El Pais, reported that the shopper placed his order on the new Prime Now express service available on Amazon. The link between the logistics giant to a local market, like La Paz, is a global first. Its introduction follows hot on the heels of Amazon unveiling a similar arrangement with the Dia chain of supermarkets, as well as Lavinia wine merchants. It charges the customer a fee and then pledges that the order will be delivered, sometimes within as little as an hour.

Central Madrid.
Madrid has a great tradition of food . Image by Kristijonas Dirse / CC BY 2.0

The person who came up with the Prime Now service, Antonio Cattarossi, said he had chosen Madrid because of its great tradition with food. He pointed out that the new service means that those who work or live away from market places can have high-quality, fresh products available to them. The concept has gone down very well, with one La Paz customer, Begoña Sánchez, claiming she longer has to use up her own free time shopping. Stallholders too, are happy with the new methods of sale and part of their preparation now includes taking photos of their fresh produce and writing descriptive pieces about what they have on offer.

Tapas bar in the covered market.
Tapas bar in the covered market. Image by Getty

Obviously with this market place dating back to 1882, there have been problems to surmount as tradition and new technology collide. Vendors find their traditionally quiet time, between 8 am and 10 am, is now busy with orders pouring in. The La Alacena gourmet stall owner, Sonia Flores, said it is fantastic that she can sell products online in this way.