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The world's only dedicated peanut butter store is open in Amsterdam

Lovers of peanut butter have a new destination to put on their travel bucket list; a dedicated peanut butter store is now open in Amsterdam.

A taste of Amsterdam's peanut butter store.
A taste of Amsterdam’s peanut butter store. Image by De Pindakaaswinkel

De Pindakaaswinkel (the Peanut Butter Shop) opened on Czaar Peterstraat in June and has been getting rave reviews ever since. The team pride themselves on using natural ingredients and opt for organic or fair trade where possible. There is no palm oil, sugar or artificial flavours and all the pots are mixed and filled by hand. Michiel Vos is the creator and owner of the shop, and is making a living out of sharing his passion for peanut butter with the world. He grew up on a farm, ate peanut butter daily, and is hoping to make the food even more popular with his shop.

There’s an array of flavours for the peanut butter connoisseur to try, including raisin, cinnamon, white chocolate, coconut and sea salt caramel. The owner’s love for the food doesn’t just stop at creating fantastical flavours, there will also be special tasting events and workshops, and you can even have a party at the shop.  If you want to do it yourself, you’ll find lots of recipes online.

Peanut butter for breakfast anyone?
Peanut butter for breakfast anyone? Image by De Pindakaaswinkel

If you can’t make it to the peanut butter shop in person, you can sample the flavours by ordering online, or to really show off your peanut butter pride, there’s also a range of merchandise. Currently the online store only ships to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. The shop claims to be the world’s only dedicated peanut butter store. The popular American brand Peanut Butter & Co did have a dedicated physical store in New York’s Greenwich Village, but it shut down in February 2016.