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A woman who lost her wallet at Glastonbury has it returned three months later by a stranger

It’s been months since Glastonbury Festival ended, so if you lost any possessions while you were there nobody would blame you for giving up on seeing them again. But one amazing act of kindness will restore your faith in humankind.

becky's post

Becky Spencer misplaced her wallet at the event in June, but has received a parcel that, to her surprise, contained the wallet. Not only had the person who returned it to her kindly paid £7.35 for special delivery to ensure it arrived safely, Becky found all her cards still in the wallet, plus “three crispy £20 notes I had only just received from the cashpoint before misplacing it”. She wrote in a post in the Glastonbury 2017 Facebook page: “I want to say a huge thank you to whoever sent it and didn’t steal the money and I want to repay anyone who was left out of pocket due to my absent mindedness.” People have since been commenting on Becky’s Facebook post and sharing their own stories of acts of kindness, just like this one.

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As Becky says in her Facebook post: “it is fair to say that little things like this remind us that despite the awful goings-on in the world that we are consistently bombarded with, we may well live in the most honest time for our society and most people are trying to be wonderful human beings (especially those attending your festival).” Hopefully the person who found and sent Becky’s wallet has built up enough good karma to hopefully nab themselves tickets for Glasto next year…