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Spend the whole night listening your favourite tunes at a Brooklyn record store listed on Airbnb

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a night at a record store listening to music until the sun comes up, here’s your chance with a new Airbnb experience.

The Rough Trade Airbnb.
The Rough Trade record store Airbnb. Image by Sonos

Rough Trade, the legendary record store originally from London, has a new listening room from audio and sound-system company Sonos.

The Rough Trade Exterior.
The Rough Trade record store exterior. Image by Sonos

The Sonos Listening Room in Brooklyn which opened on 19 September, is described as a “HiFi haven that encourages fans to listen out loud to a curated selection of records on the ultimate home sound system in a space that feels like a friend’s living room”. To mark the opening of the new room, the record shop is listed on Airbnb. Visitors can win a stay at the store during October and November, where they can spend the night listening to their favourite tunes.

The Rough Trade Airbnb.
The Rough Trade record store Airbnb. Image by Sonos

Guests can shape their unique experience into what they would like – they can invite all their friends to come and enjoy a listening party – as long as they leave by 2 am – or have a quiet night in with an exceptional soundtrack. To get a real taste of the Brooklyn experience, there will be a mini-fridge stocked with snacks from local Brooklyn eateries.

The listening room at Rough Trade.
The listening room at Rough Trade record store. Image by Sonos

But, the experience extends past the night itself – visitors will spend the morning with the shop to themselves for a private shopping experience.

The listening room interior.
The listening room interior. Image by Sonos

And a chance to experience the night at the record store is not limited to residents of New York – anyone living elsewhere in the US will also win round-trip air transportation for the winner and a guest.