Lonely Planet Writer

Learn everything you need to know about Iceland with a series of fun tourism videos

The Iceland Academy have one objective; to keep you safe and help you get the most out of your trip to Iceland. Now, with the release of three new videos for their autumn ‘semester’, you can learn even more about one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations.


The videos are hosted by a series of local experts and tutors who want to help promote Icelandic tourism in a unique, fun way. They have a wealth of experience in their diverse backgrounds and range from tour guides and chefs to photographers. You can even ‘graduate’ from the academy and earn your diploma by watching all the videos available online. The videos aim to help you learn about Iceland while being a humorous introduction to some of the quirks of Icelandic life. To save you from potentially embarrassing situations, one of the videos instructs you on the proper etiquette for using Iceland’s famous hot tubs, including some very detailed instructions on getting clean beforehand.


Travellers can also get advice on how to pack correctly for Iceland’s unpredictable weather, how to catch the Northern Lights in their full glory and a handy guide to winter sports. Most importantly, there is a guide to travelling responsibly. Iceland’s beautiful yet harsh landscape has been the cause of some high-profile accidents involving tourists. More videos are due to be released in later ‘semesters’ including guides to Icelandic festivals and mythological sagas. With the quirky videos hitting the right note between humour and information, you’re bound to laugh while you learn about Iceland and be more excited about your trip than ever.