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Thrill-seeking tourists attracted to new swing on the edge of 1000-foot high cliff in China

Holidays often bring out the adventurous side in people whether it is riding down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia or skydiving in New Zealand.


The most daring new risk that has surfaced this summer is located in China, where adrenaline junkies are finding the lure of swinging off a 1000 foot (300 metre) high cliff irresistible. The Independent reports that a strapped-in visitor can be seen in a new video swinging out over the edge of the cliff at Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park, which is located south of Chongqing. The dramatic plunge into the foggy background is aided by a member of staff as an enthusiastic group of onlookers cheer. Wearing only a harness, the jumpers have come from all corners of the globe and anxiously watch as they prepare for their daredevil turn to be thrown down into the abyss.

Extreme swings are by no means new but they are always newsworthy when they become fashionable. The Swing at the End of the World in Ecuador actually hangs from the branches of the Casa del Arbol treehouse in a truly remote area of Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve almost 8000 feet above sea level. In Europe, the high swing called Over The Edge is located in Amsterdam. It is nearly 330 feet in height and is located at the top of the 22-storey A’Dam Tower. The Daily Star reports that China has an allure all of its own for those adventurous traveller-types who arrive in the country to test out the newest bizarre theme park inventions.