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Clear your diary because an espresso martini festival is coming to Melbourne

In what may be the greatest idea of all time, Melbourne will soon play host to an espresso martini festival.

The festival will take place for one day only on Saturday, 5 November and will pay tribute to the world’s favourite caffeinated alcoholic beverage. Eight different variations on the cocktail will be available to try, including drinks made with tequila and a very intriguing concoction involving spiced rum. Cocktail aficionados can also partake in a cocktail-making class or attend a seminar to brush up on the history of the espresso martini.

If that’s not enough caffeinated activity for you, why not try your hand at coffee pong which yes, is exactly like beer pong but with coffee. The festival is the brainchild of Tom Baker, the co-creator of Mr. Black, Australia’s first crowd-funded coffee liqueur. He was inspired to create the festival after coming across some very lacklustre cocktails.

“We kind of saw the progressive degradation in the quality of the drink. People using bad coffees and bad coffee liqueurs and really not putting as much love into the drink as they used to,” he told Broadsheet. “It shouldn’t be this sickly sweet thing. It should be beautiful, dry and bitter-sweet”. Melbourne of course, is a mecca for coffee-lovers so it’s no surprise an espresso martini festival is cropping up here. Famous for its coffee culture, the city has a thriving cafe industry full of professional roasters and baristas, coffee courses and plenty of locals with discerning taste buds.

Tickets to the festival cost $25 and are available online now.