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Singapore's Paralympic winners are immortalised as Lego figurines

Lego has immortalised Singapore‘s two Paralympian gold medallists by turning them into Lego figures.

Many Singaporeans are calling for the special Lego Paralympians to be made available to the public for sale.
Yip Pin Xiu (left) and Theresa Goh as Lego figurines. Image by Lego

Lego created tiny figures of swimmers Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh – complete with their gold medals – and posted them to their Facebook page earlier this week, commending them for “bringing pride to Singapore”. The company also stated: “your accomplishments have inspired us all.” Theresa Goh responded to Lego via Facebook with the message “hahahah oh man this is great! Thank you!” The company has been inundated with requests on social media from people who want to buy the figurines for themselves. Some have suggested the company could sell them and use the funds to help more people achieve their dream of competing in the Paralympics. However, the BBC reported that the company has no plans to make the figurines available for sale. A member of the public previously submitted a proposal for a Paralympian Lego set to their Ideas community but it failed to gather the 10,000 supporters required to pass to the next stage of development.

The swimmers made headlines around the world with this touching photo of Yip congratulating Theresa on her medal win. She shared the photo on Instagram explaining “nobody knows our journey like us and I am so incredibly proud of you.” Singapore has been celebrating huge success in Rio de Janeiro this year. Prior to Yip and Theresa’s success, Joseph Schooling beat his hero Michael Phelps to bring home the country’s first gold medal. Now, many members of the public are applying pressure to the government and corporations to ensure their Paralympian heroes get the same royal treatment.

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