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Norwegian Air renews its promise to make $69 transatlantic flights a reality

It’s been a year since Norwegian Air promised to bring $69 transatlantic flights to consumers; now it’s set to become a reality by March 2017 with a little help from Boeing.

Look at this delighted woman with so much money for flights!
This woman has enough money for hundreds of these low-cost transatlantic flights. Image by Image Source

In an interview with Business Insider this week, chief commercial officer of the airline, Thomas Ramdahl confirmed that the cheap flights will go ahead as soon as the airline has the new 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 airliners in operation. The new planes, which are expected to be ready by March 2017, will have fuel efficient CFM LEAP-1B engines and upgraded aerodynamics and avionics. The improvements will result in an ability to operate transatlantic flights at the same lower cost as a narrow-body jet. With these jets coming closer to operation, Norwegian Air has renewed its promise to make ultra low-cost transatlantic flights a reality. “I can promise you that you will see transatlantic flights on the 737 MAX next year,” Ramdahl said in his interview. “And that’s when you will see the $69 fares.”

The Norwegian Air 100 737 MAXs could make $69 transatlantic flights a reality.
The Norwegian Air 100 737 MAXs could make the low-cost transatlantic flights a reality. Image by Boeing

The airline already offers low-cost transatlantic flights between the USA and Barcelona or Copenhagen for as little as $189 each way but said the new technology will allow them to drive prices down even further. If true, it will likely boost the airline’s popularity even more. They’ve already scooped several awards this year, including the World Travel Awards’ accolade for Europe’s best low-cost airline. Travellers worldwide are enjoying a general decrease in airfares, partly due to falling fuel costs. US airfares this summer were at a seven year low with the drop in price predicted to continue for the rest of 2016.