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Here are the top cruise destinations around the world, according to customer reviews

St Petersburg was the highest-rated port of the year among cruise-goers, according to Cruise Critic.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral , St Petersburg.
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral , St Petersburg. Image by www.tonnaja.com

The cruise review site announced the winners of the first-ever Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards, which named the top spots around the world based on customer ratings. The Russian city was the top location around the world, with Cruise Critic noting that visitors were fans of the city’s art, history and architecture. This is not the only accolade the city has received recently – it was also named the leading travel destination in Europe at the World Travel Awards for the second year in a row.

Women's urinals could be introduced in Paris.
Paris. Image by Moyan Brenn / CC BY 2.0

River cruise port cities were the top-rated category of cruises overall, with Paris considered the best river cruise destination. When it comes to cruise line private islands, visitors loved Castaway Cay, which is owned by Disney Cruise Line. It topped all Caribbean categories combined, according to Cruise Critic. For travellers heading around North America, San Francisco was named the best stop in the US and Canada, while warmer Caribbean destinations were also ranked. Bonaire was the highest-rated Southern Caribbean island, St. Maarten the top-rated Eastern Caribbean island, and Cozumel in the Western Caribbean and Riviera Maya, according to the company.

Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island paradise.
Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island paradise. Image by David Roark

If that’s enough to have you considering a cruise vacation, recent research has revealed the best day of the week to book in order to save a bit of cash. And if it’s too difficult to try and pick a destination, one company has also launched the first-ever round-the-world cruise, which takes travellers on a 141 day journey that stops in 66 ports in 35 countries.