Lonely Planet Writer

Meet the travel-loving couple who got engaged – and married – on a plane

Air travel can be a huge part of any wedding – from flying in friends and family, jetting to a destination wedding, or heading on honeymoon, people often take to the skies. But one ambitious couple took things to the next level by getting engaged and married all in the course of one flight.

Jürgen Bogner planned an elaborate proposal and wedding for his bride, Nathaly Eiche – and it all took place at 40,000 feet. Bogner, who is from Austria, told Lonely Planet he knew he wanted his proposal to be completely unforgettable – and for the travel-loving couple, getting married on a plane made a lot of sense. He started putting his plan together with a friend and approached Austrian Airlines with the incredible idea. “They were totally on board and loved the idea. Without their help it would have never worked out”, he said. And it did take a lot of work to plan, but he said that the elaborate surprise is pretty typical of his relationship with Nathaly, in which they are always trying to plan something bigger and better than expected.

The wedding in the skies was certainly a surprise for Nathaly, who went straight from a proposal to putting on her wedding dress. And while there were friends, family and a film crew on board, most of the guests to their wedding were complete strangers. There were about 25 people they knew on the plane, and the rest of the 211 people were regular passengers. The surprise worked – Nathaly was shocked, noting: “everything happened so fast. I couldn’t even believe that this was really happening”. But Jurgen planned ahead, making sure the entire surprise was well documented on video, something Nathaly looks back on when she can hardly believe her incredible wedding happened.


They landed in Athens to enjoy a honeymoon along with friends and family. But the pair are not content to keep it to just one wedding. Their next trip includes a visit to the west coast of the USA, where they will get married again in Las Vegas. But even that is not enough, as many of their friends were not able to be on the flight for their first wedding, they plan on marrying again next year on an island in the Mediterranean, though they haven’t decided where yet. However, they will be documenting all of their adventures as a newly married couple on their Instagram account.