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Artist creates beautiful illustrations of streets from around the world using Google Street View

A Hungarian illustrator has created a beautiful series of sketches using Google Street View that depict streets from all around the world.

Broome Street, New York.
Broome Street, New York. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Amiens Street, Dublin
Amiens Street, Dublin. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Salisbury Road, Hong Kong
Salisbury Road, Hong Kong. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Sacramento, Lincoln Highway
Sacramento, Lincoln Highway. Image by Lehel Kovaks
Savile Row, London
Savile Row, London. Image by Lehel Kovacs

The series is called Around the World in Eighty Days and was created by Lehel Kovacs, an artist based in Budapest. It retraces the journey of Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s famous novel of the same name. The illustrations were created from Google Street View, with some showing the exact locations that are mentioned in the novel, such as Charing Cross Station in London, Gare du Nord in Paris and the International Hotel in San Francisco.

Via Lata, Brindisi
Via Lata, Brindisi. Image by Lehel Kovacs
North State Street, Salt Lake City
North State Street, Salt Lake City. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Rue Mollien, Calais
Rue Mollien, Calais. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Hashimoto-cho, Yokohama
Hashimoto-cho, Yokohama. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Westtbourne Terrace, London
Westbourne Terrace, London. Image by Lehel Kovacs

“Around the World in Eighty Days was one of my favourite books when I was a kid. I always hoped that one day I would get the chance to relive all of the adventures that are in the story by travelling around the world myself. Although it’s not quite what I had hoped for, Street View is available in so many places that I found it very interesting to search for the locations that are in the book and draw them,” Nehel told Lonely Planet News.

Banganga Tank, Mumbai
Banganga Tank, Mumbai. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Mont Cenis
Mont Cenis. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Columbus Avenue, San Francisco
Columbus Avenue, San Francisco. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris
Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris. Image by Lehel Kovacs
Pall Mall, London
Pall Mall, London. Image by Lehel Kovacs

Lehel is a freelance illustrator whose clients have included Rolling Stone, The New York Times and The Guardian. His creations are bright and striking, with a combination of hand drawn lines being combined with digital colouring. More of his work is available on his website.