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Research reveals men are much more likely to use travel apps than women

Men are much more likely to use travel apps when on the move than women, at least according to a new survey.

App usage is on the rise among travellers.
App usage is on the rise among travellers. Image by Mareen Fischinger

Research has found that when travelling, 61% of men will use a travel app on their phone or tablet at least once a day compared to just 39% of women.  However, both men (53%) and women (47%) were almost equally likely to refer to their mobile to avoid getting lost.

The survey was carried out on 200 frequent business travellers by the black car service Groundlink who asked each person about their day-to-day app usage. Of those quizzed, three in five said they used travel apps every single day while another 30% said they only used them occasionally. Just one in ten said they rarely – or never – used them when travelling.

The most popular app types were airline or flight apps, which were used by 85% of people for mobile boarding passes and other services. Weather apps were also popular with three in every four travellers using their phone to check whether rain or sunshine was likely. GPS and map services were widely used with 61% of people for finding their way around while 56% used their phones to book cars or limo services.

Apps can help to enhance your trip
Some travellers find apps can help to enhance your trip. Image by Shutterstock

Liz Carisone, chief executive of Groundlink, said: “There is no doubt that we are living in a mobile-first environment and that increasingly business travellers want more immediate access to travel planning and booking information while they’re on the road.”

Social media usage seemed to drop when people were travelling for everything except Facebook, according to the research. Of those surveyed, almost half still checked in on Facebook while on the move but only 6% used Twitter and 9% for LinkedIn. Instagram – which proved more popular among the women in the survey – was slightly more popular with 15% going online to check the latest photos on their stream.