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One man's quest to document as many in-flight meals as possible

An intrepid traveller has started a website that features reviews of the diverse range of in-flight meals available with different airlines around the world.

Airline In Flight Food
A bread roll with cheese accompanied by orange juice and chocolate cake from Lufthansa Airlines. Image by Inflight Feed

Nik Loukas started InflightFeed.com as a fun project in 2012 after moving to Europe from Australia. Having spent 15 years working in different roles within the travel industry, he wanted to create an airline information website based on his own experiences with in-flight meals. “I wanted to document how a whole meal can come together. It’s quite amazing to me that we eat at 35,000 feet while travelling at over 800km an hour and I was impressed by how this industry works,” Nik said.

Airline In Flight Food
The vegetarian Indian breakfast option on board Air India scored a 6.7 on Inflight Feed. Image by Inflight Feed

The project soon gathered attention online, with thousands of curious people following the Instagram account. The interest in what he was doing has led to him making a documentary about in-flight meals. The website itself features industry news and information on food options for different airlines, as well as more in-depth reviews on individual meals.

Airline Food
One of Nik’s top picks for airline food was the special pre-ordered Japanese Kyo-Kaiseki meal on a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. Image by Inflight Feed

As far as the meals go, Nik has grown to know what he likes after trying it all. “A good meal is one that is light and as tasty as can be at that altitude, made from quality ingredients. I like airlines that tell a story through their food. Airlines like Swiss or Aegean Airlines try to give tastes of their respective home countries with their on board offerings.


Lunch! Brussels to Athens with #aegeanairlines #inflightfeed #airplanefood #planefood

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Throughout his time, Nik has experienced the good, the bad and the incredible. “One of the best meals that I’ve had was Lobster Thermidor on Singapore Airlines in the first class suite. The worst was travelling to Ukraine. I was served some sort of chicken mystery meat that cost nine euros,” Nik said.


“The most unforgettable meal that I’ve had was my Hello Kitty kid’s meal on a flight from Paris to Taipei with Eva Air. I specially ordered the meal knowing what I would get. When the crew came out to deliver it they kept looking for a child sitting in my row. I had to own up that it was me that ordered it, my neighbours were quite amused”.

Hello Kitty Airline Meal
The special Hello Kitty in-flight meal on board Eva Airlines was one of Nik’s most memorable experiences and scored an 8.6 on his site. Image by Inflight Feed

Nik is currently crowd funding on InflightFeed.com to finish his documentary about airline food.