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Architecture firm unveils ringed bridge plans for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

An architecture firm has unveiled its proposed plans for a striking bridge consisting of arching, intersecting rings to honour the forthcoming 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

Shan Shan Bridge Beijing
The designs for the Shan Shan bridge feature six intersecting rings that reference the iconic Olympic symbol. Image by Penda

The designs for the Shan Shan Bridge come from Penda, an architecture firm with offices in Beijing and Vienna, and feature a 452-metre-long deck split up into three sets of connected arch-like structures. The inspiration for the shape of the bridge comes from the nearby mountains in the region. Translated into English, Shan Shan means three mountains and describes the form of the structure as seen from the side.

Shan Shan Bridge
A view Shan Shan Bridge’s rings seen from the side. Image by Penda

Crossing the Gui River and connecting the city centre with Zhangjiakou, the Shan Shan bridge would act as an important route that connects regional events and venues participating in the Winter Games.

Shan Shan Bridge
The bridge would feature tubular stainless steel struts and strong in lateral resistance through the connections. Image by Penda

In celebration of the Beijing Winter Games, the design features six white intersecting rings of equal dimension to symbolically mark the union of the continents. As well as that, the rings will act as the main structural elements that suspend the bridge deck, with a series of steel cables running between them.

Shan Shan Bridge
The bridge design features three sets of cross connected steel structures with a maximum span of 95 Metres. Image by Penda

The location for the bridge will act as a gateway between the city and the river valleys in the north of Beijing, with the surrounding area proving to be rapidly growing with both residents and tourists. The area beside the site is designated to be used for the Beijing Horticultural Expos in 2019.

Shan Shan Bridge
If approved, the Shan Shan Bridge would act as an important route that links different Olympic venues outside Beijing to the city centre. Image by Penda

The plans see transportation and pedestrian lanes being divided by a natural strip of hedges and trees, encouraging the bridge to be seen as a public space separating visitors from traffic.

Shan Shan Bridge
Transportation and pedestrian lanes will be divided by a strip of hedges and trees. Image by Penda

If approved, the project would be an integral part of the wider infrastructure upgrades planned for Beijing ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in six years.