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Premier Inn crowdsources new hotel room design

Hotel chain Premier Inn in the UK has crowdsourced the design of its new hotel room.

The UK’s largest hotel chain, with over 700 hotels across the country, said it wanted to design a hotel room that would meet guest expectations. To do this they physically put their new hotel room on a tour of the UK, asking customers in public what would make the room more comfortable and more attractive.

Crowd sourced room at Hub by Premier Inn
Crowd sourced room at Hub by Premier Inn Image by Premier Inn

Premier Inn took on board all the feedback they received from the public, from opinions on how tech-enabled the rooms should be to what type of materials, fabrics, and lighting would work best.

New rooms
New rooms Image by Premier Inn

The company then built 5 sample rooms at their Kings Cross property and invited guests to check the room out and give further feedback. Based on this, the design of the room changed over 10 times until they finally had a winner and their first new hotel location opened on St Martin’s Lane in London’s Covent Garden. There are now four hotels in London and Edinburgh using the design and a fifth hotel will be opened in London later this year.

New technolgy in the crowd sourced rooms
New technology in the crowd sourced rooms Image by Premier Inn

The travel industry has increasingly been using crowdsourcing techniques in recent years with Air Canada launching a way for passengers to crowdfund their trip and a map of happy places in the Ukraine crowdsourced by volunteers.