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Moscow's famous Cafe Pushkin set for global expansion

One of Moscow’s most famous establishments, Cafe Pushkin, is set for global expansion.

The Cafe Pushkin expansion will try to recreate this old world charm.
The Library Hall at Cafe Pushkin. Image by Cafe Pushkin

New openings in several countries are planned over the next two years, bringing its famed Russian-French menu overseas through the Cafe Pouchkine restaurant chain and a boutique cafe called Pouchkinette. Cafe Pouchkine already operates in Paris and three more openings are planned in France for September 2016. London and one of the Gulf states are set for their own branch in 2017, while further 2018 openings are planned for Kuwait, Israel, Tokyo, Spain and China. Maison Dellos – the restaurant’s parent company – plans to have 64 branches of Pouchkinette open worldwide by 2020. There are hopes that Pushkin’s foray into the international cuisine scene will be more successful than its last attempt. Brasserie Pushkin opened in New York in 2012 and closed after a series of mixed reviews.

An example of the Russian-French cuisine.
An example of the Russian-French cuisine. Image by Cafe Pushkin

The restaurant has been open since 1999 and is a firm favourite with travellers to Moscow. It has upscale versions of classic Russian food, served in the old-world atmosphere of an aristocratic mansion, complete with halls and terraces in different styles to choose from.

The Fireplace Hall at Cafe Pushkin
The Fireplace Hall at Cafe Pushkin Image by Cafe Pushkin.

Cafe Pushkin isn’t the only famous Russian brand to be expanding. Gunmaker Kalashnikov has opened a flagship souvenir store in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. The store will have full scale models of assault rifles, branded clothing and souvenirs for sale. The store opened on Friday 19 August and celebrated the launch of their clothing line, aimed at hunting enthusiasts.