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Don't forget your Nodpod; new start-up wants to become the ultimate travel accessory

Is there anything more uncomfortable than a nap on the plane? An entire sub-industry has sprung up to develop a myriad of solutions to the problem,but the latest is one that will certainly get you noticed in economy; the Nodpod.

The Nodpod travel pillow
The travel pillow Image by Nodpod

The Nodpod consists of two elements; the Nod and the Pod. The Nod is a patented travel pillow that looks and acts like a hammock for your face and bills itself as the “ultimate travel pillow”. The design team explain that “the reason it’s hard to rest or sleep while travelling is because you can’t keep your head, neck and back perpendicular and at a 90-degree angle.”

The pillow aims to recreate this angle so you can sleep comfortably while in an upright position. It also includes a safety feature of a cord that will break away if there is a sudden pressure or impact.

The Nodpod travel blanket
The travel blanket. Image by Nodpod.

The Pod is a lightweight, wind and water-resistant blanket, though it’s somewhat unclear how much of the elements you’ll be battling on an airplane. It also comes with a hood for extra warmth and has the added bonus of making you look radioactive. It also features an open back design which will undoubtedly be great fun when paying a visit to the airplane toilet.

Both parts of the Nodpod can be stored together in a compact pouch for your travels. If you’d like to be one of the first to sport the new travel accessory, you can pledge money to their Kickstarter campaign.