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Design chosen for New Zealand movie museum featuring Peter Jackson's memorabilia

Wellington City Council in New Zealand has selected the design for its much-anticipated Movie Museum and Convention Centre.

Peter Jackson movie museum
Wellington City Council has selected this design for its Peter Jackson movie museum. Image by Wellington City Council

The museum is backed by Peter Jackson, director of successful films like the Lord of the Rings, and Richard Taylor, a creative director also known for his work on the trilogy. The museum will be part of a joint convention centre and will feature the pair’s own memorabilia. It is set to be complete in 2018.

The city’s mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, said in a statement that the council has now approved a designed that will be recognised around the world. “International visitors will take ‘selfies’ in front of this spectacular building, which will attract even more people to our city. We’re creating the heritage of tomorrow”.

The statement notes that 300,000 people each year visit Hobbiton – the permanent movie set from the Hobbit film – showing the incredible reach of Jackson and Taylor’s work, and the potential to draw those fans into Wellington to see the museum.

The country’s prominent role in Jackson’s films has made it a top tourist destination for fans. Most recently, New Zealand has been used as a setting for the new Disney remake, Pete’s Dragon.