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British Airways cuts the number of meals provided for economy passengers

Travellers on British Airways had better remember to stop and grab a snack – the airline is reducing its food service on flights under eight-and-a-half hours, according to media reports.

Meal on BA flight. Meal on a British Airways flight. Image by Michael Moore / CC BY-SA 2.0

The airline will no longer provide economy passengers with two meals on these flights, reports The Independent, and the same changes apply to premium economy passengers on flights of less than seven hours.

A flight from London to New York takes roughly eight hours, which means the changes may affect many economy travellers heading across the Atlantic.

Passengers will still receive one meal and also a snack for later in the flight, while alcohol and complimentary snacks will not be impacted.

The new food options were introduced last month, following media reports that the airline was set to begin charging for food. A British Airways spokesperson was quoted in The Standard, saying the company offers customers on all transatlantic flights “a three-course meal, bar service and snacks and on our longer transatlantic flights, including to the west coast, customers are offered an extra meal during the flight”.

While passengers are often upset to hear of yet another cut of in-flight amenities, in the age of no-frills flights, one survey found many passengers who said they would prefer a Wi-Fi connection to an in-flight meal.

BA announced earlier this year that it would be installing what the company said would be the fastest Wi-Fi in the air.