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Check in to these US$2-a-night rooms at super-budget hotels

You’ll travel a long way before you beat the US$2-a-night super-budget hotels that a start-up company managed by a 24-year-old is offering.

And Rhea Silva, the founder of the start-up enterprise, says the aim of the super-budget hotels is to give cheap accommodation to people around the globe who can’t afford the housing rental market anymore.

The Chototel company see the UAE as its next major operational area but right now is breaking new ground on the ‘super-budget hotel’ concept in India at Nagotane which is part of the industrial hub of Mumbai.

The National newspaper reports that the ‘rooms’  at the super-budget hotels are small and steel-framed and appear like shipping containers.

However, they have been designed so that they can provide uninterrupted supplies of water, electricity, gas and internet on a pay as you use basis.

On top of those living facilities, there will be both crèche and kitchen services run by selected occupants. The company has an app that allows check-in and payment to be undertaken electronically.

Ms Silva says the price in their Indian location will probably rise to $5 but her plan is to keep about 20% of room at the basement $2 price.

The low rates are due to the low construction cost, off the beaten path locations and technology that replace staff.

London-based Ms Silva, who is originally from India disclosed that Chototel has its sights on launching next year in the UK. She said it also is looking at China and Nigeria as potential markets. She added that she “most definitely” wants to be up and running in the UAE by the 2020 World Cup Expo.

Her aim is to invest US$50 billion so that the company can build five million rooms around the globe.