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Recent rainfall promises bumper flower crop along South Africa's Northern Cape

A bumper flower crop is expected this season following a particularly good two weeks of rainfall in the Cape West Coast and Namaqua region of Northern Cape.

Daisies in Namaqua National Park are set to be boosted by recent rainfall
Daisies in Namaqua National Park are set to be boosted by recent rainfall with a bumper flower crop expected once temperatures rise Image by Malcolm Manners / CC BY 2.0

According to SANParks’ Namaqua National Park statement this week, if temperatures rise within a few days, it would see “the flowers spread like wildfire!”

Rangers in the National Park say the cold spell of weather means the flowers have not yet fully opened. It will need temperatures to rise about three degrees to 18°C for the bumper flower crop to become a reality.

Despite this there are plenty of Gousblom but other places “still have nothing.” However, a number of species including Pietsnot have begun to bloom and the bright orange daisies have created a stunning spectacle.

Park personnel say that the area along the coast from Groen River to Spoek River is low on flowering at the moment. They predict that visitors will be guaranteed great flower viewing, particularly in the case of vygies once they start to come out.

The terrain though following the rain has become very soft and muddy and they should not take cars on non-designated roads. They added that the Wildeperdehoek Pass is still in a bad condition. Motorists driving there were warned that the coast area of Namaqua National Park should only use 4×4 vehicles.