Lonely Planet Writer

American Airlines just made in-flight entertainment free for all passengers

American Airlines announced this week that all in-flight entertainment on domestic flights will be free from the end of August.

The United States‘ biggest airline company says that passengers can now watch movies as well as their favourite TV shows on board all Wi-Fi-enabled planes. Passengers will be able to watch movies and shows, including premium channels for free on their seatback, screens or on their own personal devices, provided they are watched through the airline’s official app.

In-flight Wi-Fi will be free to use to watch movies from the airline’s content library but passengers must pay if they wish to use it for anything else. Free in-flight entertainment will be offered on all domestic flights within the United States. Up until now, movies were only offered for free on a limited amount of American Airlines flights.

This news follows an announcement from Delta Airlines in June that it was making all in-flight entertainment complimentary. Virgin also made the news this week when it purchased 2000 copies of a children’s book for bedtime stories on overnight flights.