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Irishman prepares to fly to Africa on a craft powered by lawnmower engine

A 52-year-old Irishman Oisin Creagh is preparing to fly to Africa next week on a craft powered by a lawnmower engine.


This risky flight involves flying over 3000km, using nothing but a simple a paramotor (a propeller blade mounted on his back on a rucksack device and connected to a wing). The Corkman is hoping to set a new world record as the first person to fly to Africa in a paramotor.


The Irishman will fly via the UK, France and Spain before landing in North Africa at the end of his month-long expedition. flying at altitudes ranging from 1500ft to 6000ft at speeds of up to 60km an hour, Creagh hopes to cover up to 200km per flight.


Creagh believes it will take him about a month to complete the journey but it is very dependent on weather conditions. He has been undertaking safety and rescue training sessions this week in preparation for his dangerous adventure, practicing water landings and being covered by the wing.


One of only a handful of paramotor enthusiasts in Ireland, he regards his sport as “one of the simplest forms of powered aviation available to humankind”.

Late last month another flight first happened when the world’s first solar flight completed a round-the-world journey.