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Jay Z-backed private jet airline is giving away free flights this week

Ever wondered – while crammed into economy class – how it would feel to fly by luxury private jet? Well, for the next week, you might be able to find out.

JetSmarter, the private jet startup that’s backed by Jay Z, is giving away free flights this week.

 Jenny McCarthy launching Private Jet app
Jenny McCarthy launching Private Jet app.  Image by Getty Images

Lucky travellers that clinch a deal will enjoy last-minute, one-way flights by private jet to a European city destination like London, Zurich, Naples, Paris or Nice – all without spending a penny.

But you’ve got to be quick: the deal only runs until  14 August, and free flights are doled out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The majority of the flying will be enjoyed on board Private Jet Tours 12- seater, long-range, luxury jet.
The free flights have to take off by 14 August. Image by VeryFirstTo and Private Jet Tours

JetSmarter flights are usually available to members only. But if the annual membership fee of US$3990 (£3052)  plus a one-time $1950 (£1491) initiation fee seems a little too sky-high, this is your moment. The deal is open to all travellers in Europe, both JetSmarter Access members and non-members alike.

The snag? Free flights have to take off by 14 August and return flights aren’t included. However, with many JetSmarter flights valued at around $44,000 ($33,653), many travellers will be glad to know they can book their return leg with any airline.

To bag a free JetDealsTM flight, travellers must download the JetSmarter app, register as a user, and then call the airline’s booking service to see what free deals are available.

Private jet travel can now be a reality and take away from the hustle and bustle of commercial flights
Private jet travel can now be a reality.  Image by Alan Light / CC BY 2.0

This isn’t the first time JetSmarter have given away seats on its luxury flights. Earlier this year the airline made empty seats available to JetSmarter members at no extra cost over their annual membership fees.

This new deal arrives during JetSmarter’s current expansion into European airspace. The airline launched its first European route back in June and are set to introduce new flights – running between London, Moscow, Milan, Paris and Geneva – this September.