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Introducing the 'Mufgel': New York's latest hybrid food craze

Just when you thought the hybrid food craze had peaked Stateside you’ll have to think again, as the ‘Mufgel’ has hit the market in New York.

Introducing the mufgel - the latest hybrid fashion craze to hit New York.
Introducing the mufgel – the latest hybrid food craze to hit New York.

From one of the most Instagrammed food outlets in the world, Brooklyn’s ‘The Bagel Store’ has announced the release of their latest hybrid food creation, the calorific muffin and bagel combination.

The Williamsburg store began to serve the quirky creation last month, and it has been growing in popularity ever since.

The success of the mufgel is undoubtedly attributed to the man behind it all, Scot Rossillo, who has been coined as the world’s premiere bagel artist due to his eccentric and internet famous ‘rainbow bagel creations’.

He has said that the inspiration for the new ‘mufgel’ concoction came from a radio advertisement for the lottery, which was offering the idea in a satirical take on the hybrid food craze.

However, he used this as inspiration for his next successful business venture in his hugely popular bakery which reportedly sells more than 1000 rainbow bagels each day.

It is understood that they are currently baking just 42 “half muffin, half bagels”’ per day, which can be eaten with cream cheese, and are currently selling out.

It is hoped that this figure will continue to grow.

Speaking about the recipe recently on a live social media broadcast, Mr Rossillo said:  “I give you a little bit of both”.

“Because from the wording you have an idea in mind which I wanted to relay to your palette”.

Rossillo’s famed bakery shop became a hit after images of some of their most unique and creative offerings went viral on social media.  The role call of offerings also includes ‘cragels’ (croissants and bagels) and ‘funfetti’ (cream cheese with sprinkles).

While there is no official list of mufgel flavours, images on Instagram show there has been a run of carrot cake, chocolate chip crumb and Fruity pebbles flavoured batches.