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Explore the strangest Wi-Fi names in Berlin with this bizarre new map

Have you ever came across an odd Wi-Fi network name and been amused or wondered about the story behind it? You’re not alone and one blogger has set up a project to document the strange Wi-Fi names he comes across in Berlin.

Screenshot from Federico Prandi's interactive map.
Screenshot from Federico Prandi’s interactive map. Image by Federico Prandi

Federico Prandi, an Italian blogger and online marketer living in Berlin, started the project a year and a half ago after coming across the list of Wi-Fi networks on his phone while on the train. He explains on his website: “I couldn’t help but wonder what stories lay behind them. And so from that day on I started noting them down wherever I would find myself in Berlin.”

He created this interactive map for users to explore the city in a way you never have before. It also raises some questions about what exactly Berliners use their internet access for as network names include:

Pinguin Rettungsverein (Penguin Rescue Club)

Herbert das Magische Ei (Herbert the Magic Egg)

I can see you naked

No Sex No Internet


Onkel Kotze (Uncle Vomit)

Wi-fi name: Gateway to Procrastination.
Yes, we know. Image by Federico Prandi

Spotted any yourself? Federico has issued an open invitation to contact him with any strange or hilarious Wi-Fi names from around the city. Even better, find your own and explain the story behind it. Who exactly is Herbert and why is he a Magic Egg? The world needs to know.

Travellers in Berlin will now be more likely to stumble across strange and wonderful network names as they roam the city, as a recent change in law has paved the way for the creation of more free Wi-Fi hotspots.