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LA’s favourite hiking spot Runyon Canyon reopens after months of repair work

After several months of closure while a water pipe was fixed, one of LA’s favourite outdoor spaces, Runyon Canyon, has reopened.

LA's popular hiking spot has reopened to the public.
LA’s popular hiking spot has reopened to the public. Image by Getty Images

The 130-acre hillside park sits in the Santa Monica Mountains, just west of the Hollywood Sign and just off Mulholland Drive, high above Los Angeles. Trails through the park have made it a top destination for hikers and runners who are rewarded for their exertionswith fantastic views across the city.

Dog owners also have a soft spot for the area as in many parts of the canyon their canine companions are allowed off the leash and can roam free. So popular is Runyon Canyon that around 1.8 million people visit each year – which is why there were sad faces when it closed earlier this year.

Joggers running down Runyon Canyon.
Joggers running down Runyon Canyon. Image by Mark Read/Lonely Planet

An old water pipe in need of replacing meant almost the entire park closed on 1 April for four months while Los Angeles Department of Water and Power made the repairs. The pipe runs the length of most of the park and officials argued that closing the whole canyon allowed the work to be carried out more quickly.

Now visitors are flocking back but not all the reviews are favourable. A new asphalt road, in particular, has raised some eyebrows, with hikers saying that it has removed a sense of wilderness that the old trail had, and dog walkers complaining that the surface could heat up in the LA sun and hurt their animals’ paws. Everybody though is glad to have the views back.