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World’s biggest hotel with 10,000 rooms being built in Mecca


The world’s biggest hotel, complete with 10,000 rooms and 70 restaurants, is being built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Artist impression Image by Dar
Artist impression Image by Dar

The extravagant hotel, which is being constructed by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance, is set to cost a staggering $3.5 billion to build. The Abraj Kudai will feature 10 towers, 10,000 guest rooms and over 70 restaurants in what looks to be a mini city.

Artist impression of the completed hotel
Artist impression of the completed hotel Image by Dar

Artist impressions of the mega-hotel show that there will also be up to 4 helicopter landing pads and entire sections of the hotel will be closed off to cater only for royal guests.

The 1.4 million square meter complex is set to break all records, stealing the current title of world’s largest hotel from the First World Hotel in Malaysia, which currently has 7351 rooms spread across two towers.

The hotel hopes to cater for the 15 million Muslims that make the pilgrimage to Mecca each year. Besides all the usual hotel features, the hotel will also house one of the world’s largest domes on top its tallest tower, where the ballroom and conference hall will be located.

The hotel has not been without controversy, with some pilgrims saying the presence of such a huge hotel detracts from the holy city. It has also been hit with construction delays, although the most recent update still expects the hotel to welcome its first guests in 2017.

This article was updated on 13 December 2016.