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See a replica of Rio de Janeiro made of Lego displayed on the Olympic Boulevard

Travellers visiting Rio for the Olympic Games are likely spending their time checking out all the amazing sights the city has to offer. But there’s another way to see the city – in a model made of nearly one million Lego bricks.

A Lego model of Rio de Janeiro. Image by ©Miriam Jeske/Rio 2016

To mark the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, a Lego model of the city was created by 50 Lego builders over 2,500 hours. The piece, which is on display on the Olympic Boulevard, features the iconic rings, the athletic stadiums and some of Rio’s most famous places.

The structure is made up of about 953,000 pieces of Lego and is roughly five by six metres in size, according to the Rio2016 website.


The piece was created by Lego, Danish company, in partnership with the Danish government as a gift to the Games’ host city. The model is on display on the Olympic Boulevard until 21 August and when the Games are over, it will be given to the city’s Museu da Cidade.


Featured in the replica are some of Rio’s most recognizable places, like the famous Maracanã Stadium, Copacabana Beach, and the Christ the Redeemer statue.