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Oman's National Museum in Muscat opens to the public

Oman’s National Museum has finally opened to the public in Muscat. Formally established by royal decree three years ago, the National Museum of the Sultanate was partially opened since late last year.


Traveldailymedia.com reports that the opening in the capital’s Al Alam Palace area, is expected to be a major attraction for cruise tourists, visitors groups and citizens alike.

According to Kamal al Moosawi quoted in the Art Newspaper, the National Museum of Oman will help ensure that the country’s heritage is understood and appreciated both nationally and internationally.

It is the only Middle Eastern museum that will integrate Arabic Braille script for people with visual impairment. 

Entry fee is set at a rate of one rial (€2.33) for Oman and GCC nationals, two rials (€4.66) for residents in Oman and five rials (€11.66) for tourists.

The National Museum of Oman will open four days a week – Saturday to Tuesday (9am-3pm) – until the end of next month. The opening hours will be subject to change after that.

Stepfeed.com states that the national facility covers 13,700 sq. metres and includes 14 display halls that account for nearly one-third of the space.

Those exhibitions contain ‘The Land and the People Gallery,’ as well as galleries devoted to maritime history and an Oman and the World Gallery and Renaissance Gallery.

The Times of Oman reports that a gallery dedicated solely to temporary exhibitions – with an area of 376 sq. metres – will also be located there.