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Like a cheap pint? Plan your next trip to these countries with affordable beer prices

There are many reasons to travel – spectacular sights, incredible food and, of course, a heady selection of delicious and affordable beers.

A selection of beers in Ukraine.
A selection of beverages in Ukraine. Image by katesheets / CC BY 2.0

Well, Trippy has just made life easier for the beer-swilling traveller with a new study revealing the cheapest and most expensive destinations around the world for a pint, based on data from Numbeo.com.

Ukraine takes top spot as the world’s most affordable beer-slurping country, with a pint of domestic beer coming in at just US$0.54. Shelling out for an international brew won’t break the bank either – imported beer in Ukraine can cost as little as $1.15.

North and South Americans looking for the most budget-friendly brew should head to Mexico for an average domestic beer cost of $1.10.

Alcohol-free beer booms in Kabul markets.
Drinks in a row. Image by Quinn Dombrowski / CC BY-SA 2.0

On the opposite end of the spectrum, frugal drinkers should perhaps reconsider Singapore as their holiday destination of choice. This notoriously expensive country ranks the priciest for both imported and domestic drinks, at $6.65 and $5.91 respectively.

And while it may be said that in France wine is cheaper than water, beer prices could bust your budget. A pint of local brew will make a dent of around $5.67 and $5.11 for imported brands – putting France second in the list for most expensive domestic beers and third for imported, behind Austria at $5.92 a pint.

If you’re planning your next trip in Europe, it may be best to consider Prague for a cheap beverage. A study from earlier this year by Post Office Travel Money found that the Czech capital had the cheapest drinks in Europe, while Dublin – home of Guinness – was the most expensive place for a bottle of beer.