Lonely Planet Writer

New service offers travellers professional drone footage of their vacation

As more and more wanderlust-inducing drone footage from amazing destinations is shared on social media, a luxury travel company has launched a new service that will send an expert drone photographer along on your next trip to capture it all from above.

Black Tomato has created the ‘Drone the World’ service, which is designed to bring travellers to some of the world’s most remote places and leave them with a unique souvenir – an exclusive drone video of their vacation.

The UK and US based travel company has “pulled together a network of professional drone cameramen and artistic directors who worked across various Blockbuster films such as Star Wars, James Bond and award-winning documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic”.

One group has already taken a trip with Tim Browning, who has worked on Star Wars, to film a family celebrating a landmark birthday off the coast of Myanmar where they explored mangrove swamps and deserted beaches.

Travellers will have a pre-trip consultation with their drone photographer and editor to learn about the process and discuss what they want to capture in their footage, whether it’s an event or a particular place they are visiting. Guests can travel with the guide for a certain portion of the trip, or the entire trip, but according to Bloomberg, prices start at $5500 per person for a weekend trip with Browning.

When the travellers get back home they will receive a featurette produced by their photographer “As an exclusive memoir of their exclusive adventure and the chance to see where they travelled from a completely different angle”.

Black Tomato co-founder Tom Marchant said in a statement that while people are more comfortable now with taking their own photographs, bringing a photographer along “allows clients to focus on the experience which is truly special instead of worrying about getting the right shot”.