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US company partners with Starwood to offer guests unlimited Wi-Fi anywhere

Global Wi-Fi hotspot provider Skyroam has partnered with Starwood Hotels to provide guests with unlimited Wi-Fi anywhere on their travels.

Image: Skyroam
Hotspot lets you work online anywhere Image: Skyroam

Starting from this week, guests of select Starwood Hotels in Europe and the Middle East can rent Skyroam’s portable hotspot devices with unlimited Wi-Fi for a minimal fee. This will allow guests to stay connected both in the hotel and in the surrounding area. Be it to find the best local restaurant, to bring up maps of the city or simply to stay connected with loved ones back home, this partnership will take the hassle out of hunting for Wi-Fi when abroad.

A romantic WiFi date with Skyroam in beautiful #Paris 😍

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For frequent travellers in constant need of good Wi-Fi, the hotspot device will also be available for purchase at a discounted rate upon check-out at participating hotels, so travellers can enjoy Skyroam’s contract-free service wherever they go. Skyroam said that its patented virtual SIM technology allows users to access a secure online network in more than 100 countries. This technology means travellers do not have to worry about travelling with an unlocked phone and don’t need to buy a new sim card in every country they travel to. The availability of Wi-Fi has become an essential element for millennial travellers, with a survey released earlier this year, concluding that passengers are willing to change airlines if it means they will get better a Wi-Fi connection.