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Danish man walking across 29 countries from Denmark to Tanzania

Danish man Charlie Uldahl Christensen, 27, is currently half through a charity walk from Denmark to Tanzania to raise awareness and money for a water project in Tanzania.

The Danish adventurer started the walk on 18 May 2015, his 27th birthday, and has now been walking for 438 days. He has walked the entire way across the European continent and has now moved on to North Africa. The trip is set to last almost three years, taking Christensen through 29 countries.

He hopes his walk will raise awareness and funds for a project in rural Tanzania which he holds close to his heart. After working as the manager of an orphanage in Lengasti Village in Tanzania, he witnessed first hand the lengths people are forced to walk to fetch water on a daily basis. Christensen believes his long walk to Tanzania, which he called ‘Walking for Water’ is a symbolic way of helping the people of Lengasti.

At the other side of the world, there is another man walking his way around the world, 27-year old Tom Turcich who is walking through South America with his adopted dog. Alex Ellis Roswell, a 23-year-old from the UK is also on a three-year-long mission to walk the coastline of the UK and Ireland to raise money for the lifeboats.